About Michael P.A.

Michael started his life in the music industry, and over 25 years touched many of the records and songs you hear on the radio today, be they new or classics. 

A few years ago he started moving away from audible art and into visual art.

Not many people can pull off a complete career change and gain respect from up high in both.
Michael though is a rarity. He went from complete un-known nobody to the art world in 2011, to having over 400 collectors around the world today in 2016, who own his art, love his work and follow his travels.

Michael's appointment only gallery in Miami Florida, gives collectors the chance to view some of his best selling fine art photography, huge wall art and limited edition art pieces up close.

Michael's journey from one  art medium to another hasn't been easy, and had huge risks that he took for his passion and love. That takes a few things to make it happen. He has two of them specifically in large proportions. Guts, and amazing talent.